Our Typical Client

We typically provide legal services to technology businesses and their founders.  We also have many clients who provide services to other businesses as well as a few consumer product companies.  Our clients range in size from a one or two person start-up to mid-sized companies with hundreds of employees.

Many clients are referred to our firm because they are unhappy with their current attorneys.  Are you in that same situation?

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, we can help:

  • Are you unhappy with your attorney’s response time?
  • Are your legal fees out of line with the value the legal services bring to your company?
  • Has business been delayed while you waited for your attorney’s response?
  • Does your current attorney lack experience in technology issues?
  • Do you feel like you are your attorney’s lowest priority?
  • Is your work often pushed down to inexperienced associates?
  • Are you tired of receiving poor quality work?

At Fitzgerald, Franke & Hewes, we’ve worked directly with business executives to provide creative solutions to legal issues for over 20 years. We know that you expect cost-effective, expert representation and timely legal advice.  And we provide it.

Just ask any of these clients –

  • Econocom
  • PharmaJet, Inc.
  • Gogo LLC
  • Fusion Risk Management, Inc.
  • Rad Nails LLC
  • APP Design, Inc.
  • Pronex, Inc.
  • KeyAssets Financial LLC
  • AEL Financial LLC